Catastrophic Atlantic Hurricanes

There are actually 5 different hurricane categories in which they are classified based on their wind intensity and speed. Category 5 Hurricanes are considered the most destructive hurricane which causes massive damage to houses, trees, and all the other elements in environments. Catastrophic Atlantic hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Harvey are also category 5 hurricanes which caused massive financial damage and cost thousands of lives.

Category 5 hurricanes cause massive flood and destroy little houses and the roofs, windows, and doors of most houses. Trees and all other environmental elements are destroyed because of the strength of category 5 hurricanes like the 2017’s Hurricane Harvey.

If you see a category 5 hurricane coming towards you, possible property damage is inevitable and it’s for your own best to evacuate your house if it’s not a fortified one. Such powerful hurricanes may also cause indirect casualties because people are not so experienced about hurricanes. In order to stand against a catastrophic hurricane, you need to learn more about its nature. And you will also need a little tracking and prediction skills.

If you know how to use a wind tracker app, you can easily monitor an upcoming hurricane and prepare yourself for possible landfall. You can learn sea temperature and the wind speed of hurricanes as well. Such applications gather crucial weather information from several sources like AccuWeather.

The best thing about a wind tracker is that you can see its current location and make your own predictions. Almost all of these hurricane trackers have free plans with all the features that can be used by every user.

Catastrophic hurricanes do not form so often, however, they cause great financial damage to the environment which may still remain years after the landfalls. It is always best to stay away from possible hurricane land off spots.

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