Deadliest Hurricane Season

Hurricanes, tropical storms, cyclones, and all other tropical systems are inevitable facts of the Atlantic region. Every year, such tropical systems storm the coasts of the Atlantic. There were so deadly and costly hurricanes that were reported in the tropical history of the Atlantic. Deadliest Hurricane Season is considered the great Hurricane of 1780 that stormed Peurto Rico, Bermuda, Hispaniola, Lesser Antilles. The hurricane is also called by another name, the Great Hurricane of the Antilles.

Throughout history, thousands of hurricanes formed in the Atlantic Sea stormed the coasts of the American continent. Locals got used to the possible damage of such tropical cyclones for years, however, they do not want to leave such danger zones.

The Great Hurricane of Antilles cost thousands of lives in the affected areas. However, since the disaster took place around 250 years ago, all of the numbers may be different than the actual ones. Experts, meteorologists, historians, and hurricane nerds say that the 1780 Atlantic Hurricane Season had 8 major storms and 7 of them were deadly and costly hurricanes.

The reason why the earliest hurricanes recorded in history was also the deadliest and costliest ones is mostly associated with the preparedness of people living in those areas back then.

The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season was actually recorded as the costliest Hurricane Season ever recorded. Notable major hurricanes were  Harvey, Irma, and Maria. The damage of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season was believed to be more than $290 billion in the year 2017.

Hurricane Nane was recorded as the worst disaster in Costa Rican history. Around $1 billion damage was reported after the disaster, however, this amount was considered very catastrophic to Costa Rican people at that time.

The only way to reduce the possible casulties and property damage from hurricanes are to avoid establishing settlement in such danger zones. People are mostly stubborn to build houses in such coasts which are so likely to be hit by hurricanes and other tropical systems.

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