When Does Hurricane Season Start?

When people hear the word “hurricane”, all they think of the shape and formation of cyclones and the photos of destroyed buildings. However, some people really need to get that people’s lives matter the most. If you live around hurricane hit zones, you need to have good background information about tropical systems including tropical storms and cyclones. You can start with the start and end days of Hurricane Season. So, when does hurricane season start? How long does Hurricane Season last? Let’s take a look.

Every year, the Atlantic hurricane season typically begins on June 1and ends on November 30. Major and minor tropical cyclones are formed during this time and they visit some locations. Whether they make land-falls or not is not something that can be predicted. If you want to track the route of a hurricane, you will need to wait for it to shows up.

Hurricane Season may trouble people when they get hit by tropical cyclones when they’re not ready. That’s people who live in danger zones should have fortified windows, doors, roofs, chimneys. Besides, they should also have hurricane preparedness kits.

After Hurricane Season starts, you need to reconsider your scheduled trips (especially cruise trips) to places like the Caribbeans and the Bahamas. Those zones are so likely to be hit by tropical cyclones formed during Atlantic Hurricane Season.

However, you still may want to make your trip to such locations. If you do not want to change your schedule, you should visit a travel agency and buy a travel insurance policy. You would not waste your money if anything unexpected happens to your trip.

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