Wind Tracker App

When it comes to doing your best about Hurricane Season, you need to get yourself a good wind tracker app. The fact that your location get occasionaly hit by hurricanes does not mean that you can’t benefit from the digital world.

Wind trackers apps can actually and mostly used as hurricane tracker apps. Once a hurricane or tropical storm is formed, you can track the route of it, speed, and current location. If you live in a location where is threatened by possible cyclone formation in Hurricane Season, there are a couple of essential things you should do to get yourself prepared.

First, you need to understand how hurricanes work. Your house should be enhanced with some fortifications. Extra nails to the windows, no wing-like rooftops and etc. You can make your own fortified house if you live in a hurricane zone.

There are actually a couple of good hurricane tracker apps on both App Store and Google Play Store. Windy and Hurricane Tracker are considered the best among all the other tracker apps. Such wind tracker apps simply gather weather information from several sources and use them to support their UI.

There are mostly free to use, however, extra features and power-ups may be included if there’s any premium plan. All the basic plans can do the tracking and logging job though.

You can also see the sea temperature on such applications. They are best to predict the possible route of an already-formed tropical cyclone. If you can really learn how to use such apps, you may not even have to cancel your trips (especially your cruises) to hurricane danger zone locations such as Caribbeans and Bahamas.

However, no matter how you are good at such predictions, you should buy yourself a travel insurance policy if you’re planning on a cruise to such places.

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